Company history

About CS&S electronic GmbH

Based in Jülich, Germany, CS&S electronic GmbH provides solutions and products for the automotive, industrial and medical business. In addition to semiconductor products, our services include a wide range of electronic solutions, including circuit development or small series production as well as customer-oriented implementations. The company was founded in 2003 by gradual engineer of electrical enginering Mr. Harry Sievers.

Technical competence and long-standing contacts to selected manufacturers.

Company history

These are the success factors of CS&S electronic GmbH.

Our company has been a proven semiconductor distributor since 2003. We rely on an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the products we sell in order to be able to reliably support you in the development of your own. In addition, we keep inquiring customers informed about new, innovative semiconductor developments that could be interesting for their projects in terms of price or technology. Our long-established cooperation partners in Korea or Taiwan have an excellent knowledge and proven experience in manufacturing high quality micro controllers, image sensors and other components.

We plan specific software solutions together with the absolut specialist on the market, the Euros Embedded GmbH.

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