Cesign semiconductor distribution

As a distributor, the CS&S electronic GmbH sells products of Cesign Inc., South Korea.

Cesign Inc. is a company operating in the technology-enabled design solutions industry. The company offers a wide range of application specific integrated circuit (ASICs) for various applications. Cesign has abundant know-how and experience in mass production of of semiconductors. The company is constantly developing new products. Their products and services are focused on providing innovative design solutions to clients across diverse industries including architecture, construction, transportation, energy beings and more. In this respect, the manufacturer’s range of ICs with integrated circuits is very diverse and dynamic.

With an experienced team of designers and engineers, the company offers quality design solutions for integrated circuits. These are based on the specific requirements and needs of the individual customer. They use advanced technologies and tools including 3D modeling, simulation and visualization. Cesign Inc. is able to provide a realistic and accurate picture of proposed designs. And that before the ICs are actually built.

In summary, the Cesign Inc. offers a wide range of design solutions or ICs to meet the needs of its customers. These help customers to plan and implement their projects successfully. The company is characterized by its high flexibility and competent implementation in project work.

Above all the company is perfectly capable of providing the price optimization demanded by markets and customers.

Cesign semiconductor

Cesign Products

Data Converters

  • 16/20/24-bit Sigma-Delta Based
  • Analog Front-End
  • 12-bit 1MSPS Cyclic ADC
  • 13-bit 1MSPS SAR ADC
  • 12-bit 80MSPS Pipeline ADC
  • 12-bit 1M / 100 M Current/Voltage DAC
  • 95 dB 24-bit Audio ADC
  • 100 dB 24-bit Audio DAC
  • Class-AB/D Amplifier
  • Class-H Headphone Amplifier
  • Microphone Preamplifier
  • Sigma-Delta Modulator

Power Management

  • Voltage Regulator
  • Power On Reset
  • Low Voltage Detector
  • Brown Out Detector
  • Step-up Charge Pump
  • LED Driver
  • DC-DC Converter
  • Buck-Boost Converter
  • GaN Driver
  • Mobile Power Management IP
  • Customer needs response IP

MCU Based IPs

  • Ring Oscillator (OSC)
  • OP Amp
  • Switch
  • LCD Display
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Gain Amplifier
  • Band Gap Reference
  • Voltage Bias Generator
  • Digital Filter
  • System Peripherals
  • UART / SPI / I2S / I2C

3W Audio Power Amplifier (CPA011M )

The Cesign CPA011M is a high-efficiency, filter-free Class D audio power amplifier with an average continuous output of 2.6 W into 4 Ω from a 5.5 V supply in a bridge-tied load (BTL) configuration. Under the same conditions, the amplifier can deliver 1.4W into an 8Ω BTL load with less than 1% THD+N. For portable applications it offers space and cost savings as no output filter is required when using inductive speakers. With more than 90% efficiency and very low current shutdown, it increases the life of your battery.
The CPA011M also processes analog inputs with the unique pulse width modulation technique, which lowers output noise and EMI. The gain can be reduced by external input resistances.
The CPA011M offers thermal and short-lived fuse.

Single Phase Energy Metering IC (CMC110)

The CMC110 is an energy measurement IC for single-phase energy metering applications. It incorporates two programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), two ΣΔ modulators, reference circuitry, a temperature sensor, a low-dropout (LDO) regulator, a digital computation engine, and an external interface block.
The CMC110 measures 110 V or 220 V AC voltage and current applied to a load, and it calculates the corresponding power consumption and energy. In addition, it also monitors a variety of conditions such as voltage sag or swell, over-current and so on.
The CMC110 is capable of interfacing to shunt resistors, current transformers, or Hall-effect sensors for current measurement and to resistor dividers or voltage transformers for voltage measurement. It operates at a clock speed of 4.096 MHz and consumes under 15mW in 3.3 V supply.

Sensor AFE (MCU Based)

The Cesign AFE sensor is based on a Cortex-M0 processor. This is an ultra-low-power, ultra-low gate-count processor used for microcontrollers and area-optimized embedded applications. The processor supports ARM v6 architecture, thumb instruction sets, hardware multiplier and low latency interrupt response time.

A more detailed description of services is currently being drawn up.

Single LED Driver

The CLD1600A is a 16-channel constant current sink driver for LEDs. The CLD1600A is comprised of a 16-bit shift-register, a 16-bit output latch and 16 output drivers, whichis designed for serial input and parallel output format. The 16 regulated output currents are adjusted through an external resister.

Single Cell Battery Management IC

A more detailed description of services is currently being drawn up.

Single Cell Battery Protection IC

A more detailed description of services is currently being drawn up.

Gyro-Accelo Sensor IC

A more detailed description of services is currently being drawn up.

Fluxgate Magnetic Sensor IC

The Cesign CFA010P is a low power monolithic ASIC for fluxgate magnetic sensor. The CFA01P integrates an 8-bit DAC and output drivers for stimulating 3-Axis sensors, and an amplifier, comparators and 10-bit counter for acquiring the output signal of sensors. The output of sensors is processed by digital filter and transferred to master circuit through the I2C interface.
The operating frequency of CFA010P is about 24MHz.
The CFA010P is integrated in CMOS process.
The silicon area is 1.34 mm x 0.74 mm.


The CWP010_R1_TX and CWP010_R1_RX are 40V high voltage CMOS technology based analog switches with low on-resistance CWP010_R1_TX consists of an analog switch, 1.8V and 3.3V voltage regulators. The two voltage regulators provide up to 50 mA current to the system.
Cesign CWP010_R1_RX consists of an analog switches, 1.8V / 3.3V voltage regulators and charge pump for battery charging. Equally with CWP010_R1_TX chip, the two regulators provide up to 50 mA current to the system.

Temperature Sensor IC

The CESIGN TS IP is an integrated analog output temperature sensor that consist of temperature sensor core and calibration circuit.

Digital Haptic Driver (Motor Driver)

A more detailed description of services is currently being drawn up.


The Cesign IP is an integrated analog IP that consist of 1.2V low dropout regulator, 12MHz relaxation oscillator, power on reset circuit having 20us delay time.

Micro Solar Controller IC

A more detailed description of services is currently being drawn up.

Baseband AFE IC for Satellite Com.

A more detailed description of services is currently being drawn up.

Atomic Pulse Gen.

he QEC Cesign IP is an analog IP that consist of 1.2V voltage reference, trans-impedance amplifier, gain amplifier, comparator with integrated Si PN photodiode.

MEMS Driver

The Cesign CSD010P is a Class-D amplifier based MEMS scanner driver for projector systems. This IC consists of Class-D Driver, A/D converters, D/A converters, PLL, Low pass filters, Comparators, PGAs and reference circuit:
The horizontal and vertical control signals are transferred through the 12-bit parallel interface.
The H/V control loop signals are converted to digital signals and serialized to minimize pin connections between scanner driver and video processor.